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5 Reasons Why You Need to Integrate Your Website With Cashleo

Having installed or plan to install Cashleo on your websites, we know that you have questions. Form experience, the process of choosing service providers to partner with on online payments is sometimes cumbersome. In this blog, we will share with you just a few reasons you should integrate you website with Cashleo payment plugins.

NOTE: Cashleo is an online payment processor that enables e-commerce (online store) business owners accept and process payments online. To use Cashleo as an online shop, you should have an Woocommerce enabled website.

1. Start collecting payments

Uganda being a cash based economy, one of the current hindrances of most website owners is how they can start receive instant payments via their websites. The situation is further aggravated by available but not fully compatible payment providers or if not, due to a number of restrictions.

On the contrary, Cashleo is here for any e-store owner that wants to start collecting payments. No strings attached.

Our dream is to see e-commerce thrive in Uganda and Africa, so we are doing all it takes to be an enabler.

If your website is setup and running on the most popular content management system WordPress, only two things are left to do.

  1. Install the Woocommerce plugin, if you’re looking at selling digital or physical products
  2. Install and activate the Cashleo Woocommerce plugin.

Then you start selling. Besides this, if you’re only willing to receiving donations, tips or thumps up, all you need is install our WordPress Cashleo Give plugin, then you’re ready to go.

2. Free and Easy to use

Your business only needs to signup and start using our services. Joining and using our platform is completely free to everyone.

In addition to signing up, is an active WordPress website with Woocommerce installed. Being one of the pioneers that wish to be part of Africa’s rising e-commerce industry, we know as enablers that it comes at a cost but we won’t let that be a hindrance to you.

3. Easy Withdraws and Payouts

We make it extremely easy for you to make your collections and at the same time, enable you to have withdrawals in real time.

Withdrawing is basically requires you to log into your collections account and transfer you digital money into you mobile money account. You can then pickup from any nearby mobile money agent or you can simply transfer your moneys to your prefer bank account using you mobile money account.

4. Easy Payouts

The payouts feature enables your business to send money to your team and suppliers using their mobile money
accounts. All these transactions are instant and immediately reflect in your collections account.

5. Dream of selling and paying paid online, Cashleo is the Answer

If you don’t own a website yet but have dreamt of owning one. Cashleo is definitely a platform you should have in mind
that will enable you to get paid online. By simply having a domain name, hosting and a WordPress installation, Cashleo team will readily get you off the ground and set your website up so you can start selling or get paid online.

6. Accept local and global payments

For a while local businesses like social media influencers, freelancers and small business owners have always wanted a simple way to accept local and global payments or getting payments from the diaspora. Cashleo is here to help and enable your request and receive payments.

For an influencer or a freelancer, all you need is to have any of your plugins (Cashleo give or Cashleo Woocommerce) to start receiving your payments.

The setup takes way less than 25 minutes to make it possible.

How can we help you in this regard? Kindly leave a comment below.

At Cashleo, we wish you happy selling.

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