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What is Cashleo Payment Processor? What it can do for you, your business or non profit

If you run a startup, an SME, non-profit or you’re a freelancer, you’ve most certainly got thoughts on how to receive payments/funds online from your clients, donors and well-wishers?

Well, this is the exact question Cashleo answers.

Cashleo is a brand new payment processor built just to ease ecommerce not only in Uganda but also Africa. Cashleo was incorporated and launched in January 2019 and prides itself as the next only e-commerce enabler in east and central Africa.

Not like many other payment processors, Cashleo is here to redefine, ease, simplify and enable individuals, businesses and non-profits process payments online.

Cashleo’s system is simple, built from ground up with an end in mind. From collecting payments, processing them and paying out(withdrawing) to making the whole process way easier and simple than any other existing payment processor in east and central Africa.

Among the outstanding features Cashleo brings you are the:

  1. Simple and seamless user experience
  2. 100% FREE registration, installation and activation under 10mins
  3. Easy and instant funds access and withdraw all time, all day (Mobile money)
  4. No annoying paper work (to receive or to withdraw funds)
  5. Easy integration into any WordPress website (Other platforms joining soon)
  6. Very competitive transaction charges
  7. FREE all day support

Cashleo is young but understands the headaches most of the major payment processors bring you and we’re here to fix that. Receiving online payments should never be a hustle for any one.

Receive Payments Instantly

So you’ve been always annoyed with payment processors holding your payments in the name of clearing them.

With Cashleo, forget that. Once a payment is made to you, you’ll receive an instant notification by SMS, email and via your website.

One of the things we believe will make your business go faster is receiving and processing payments faster but we don’t just make them faster, we make them instant.

Get started receiving payments today from your woocommerce enabled website today with Cashleo’s woocommerce plugin.

Receive Donations Instantly

For non-profits, crowdsourcing for funds locally has been a hit on the rock aim. And, none of the available payment processors offered to enable you receive and collect donations from well-wishers and funders online.

Well, at Cashleo, we’ve thought deeply into that and the risks involved. So, we’ve made it that you can easily and instantly process your funds in a seamless manner and can be instantly accessed.

Get started raising funds for your causes, missions and projects today with Cashleo Give WordPress plugin

Make Payment (pay outs) Instantly

After receiving payments into your online account, we deeply thought that it makes much sense to enable you make payments right from within your store dashboard. You may withdraw funds to your mobile, or pay suppliers or even process payment for your teammates.

It all goes back to you on what you want to do with your account funs.

With Cashleo’s pay out WordPress plugin, we enable you not only to access your funds instantly, but also enable you access them instantly and make right use of them.

Build and Scale Big

Cashleo as a payment processor doesn’t limit you on how may websites or stores you can run the plugins. We’ve built these tools to enable you scale big and grow your business.

Feel free to use our any of our tools to process your payments at anytime, anywhere. No strings attached, no hidden contracts, no hidden fees.

Receive Funds from all Mobile and Card Processors

At the moment, Cashleo integrated perfectly with Uganda’s leading mobile money providers ie, Airtel and MTN and you can receive and pay out funds using these services via your website.

In the same manner, we are working and in process of rolling out the players, like Mpesa and other major mobile payment providers.

Cashleo also supports card payments and on a rolling basis, we are releasing our partners Visa and MasterCard and with them, you’ll be able to access and process payments from debit and credit card users right from within your website.

Another exciting feature Cashleo is bringing you is to enable you to seamlessly integrate your store with PayPal and process payments from clients paying you using there PayPal balances. And at the same time, you being able to process and withdraw all payments instantly.

Cashleo Pricing

Mobile Money CollectionUGX2.5%
Mobile Money PayoutUGX1,000
Visa CollectionALL5%

Cashleo is not just a payment processor, but an ecommerce enabler to get your business going.

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