10 ways to Drive More Sales Using Your Website In Uganda

Often times, we question why our websites aren’t generating the sales we yearn for but we most certainly forget to lookup
the things we aren’t doing or that we’re doing wrong.

In this blog, we are going to share with yousome of the amazing ways you can use to drive more sales to your website. Some
maybe implemented by you the storeowner.

Note: You many not require technical knowledge; some challenges may require you to hire an expert to help you around (Where
required or extra skill is required, we will mention in this blog).

1. Speed Up your Website

Of recent, website loading speed has greatly affected how site visitors interact with a website and how long they can
actually stand there. Its called Dwell time. According to a Kiss metrics study, a typical internet user expects a website to load in less than 3secs. More than that, they will simply click on the X.

There are several topics online you can use to optimize your website and improve its website speed. These include use of WordPress plugins, better server optimization and image optimization among others.

The faster your website load, the better the visitor retention and hence conversion. If you aren’t in position to implement
this yourself, we highly suggest involved a technically experienced personnel.

You may use tools like pingdom test, GTmetrics and google speed insights to test how fast your website runs.

2. Optimize for mobile

Today, more Internet users are using mobile. In the 2018 date report released by Jumia, Uganda’s leading ecommerce website, it
shows that 70% of their site visitors came from mobile devices. This is not so different from what Google, Amazon and the counterparts say.

Therefore, the best your website or e-store performs on mobile devices, the better it will perform both in the search
engines and with user retention and conversation.

You can use tools like google mobile test to test your website performance on mobile and see which errors to fix.

3. Perform SEO best practices

It is undisputed that the highest conversion rate of site visitors is thought to come through searchers. Call them search

SEO stands for search engine optimization and this means performing the necessary tactics to get your website preform well in
the search engine result pages on the wanted keywords.

SEO is very wide field of study and implementation. However, everything has always a start. We advise you to read
and follow up on search engine and marketing blogs like MOZ, Google blog and Search engine roundtable among others.

Getting your website indexed well in Google will drive you more visitors to your website and hence more conversions.

4. Utilizing social media

Social media is underrated when it comes to driving traffic today yet big numbers the internet users are active on it every other day.

One of the best tactic to use and utilise social media is create a handle or page which your would be clients follow up
on everything related to your business.

On that same page or handle, you’ll be able to interact with you visitors and engage them in everyday topics among others.

Also, you’ll be able to share with them direct updates from your business, online store, etc. These updates may be previous
testimonials, discounts, coupons or deals among others.

When you followers are interested in what you share, they’ll be prompted to checkout you online store or directly come to
lookup a specific product or service you’re offering.

5. Integrate online payments

Running an online store without actually collecting payments on the platform is a big business mistake.

Today, a great number of your clients in Uganda and worldwide are more than willing to directly order for a service or product from your store and have your ship it to them directly.

This is where we as Cashleo pride ourselves. We are here to enable you focus on providing goods and services directly your
customer. Our platform enables you to collect online payments from your store purchases or orders in real time. With the Cashleo platform, you’re able to accept mobile money payments and soon all major card processors.

With our WordPress plugins, by a simple install just under 2 mins on your ecommerce website, you can start collecting payments
in minutes. Here is a blog to expound on setup.

6. Offer Discounts, Deals or Coupons

Okay, who doesn’t love discounts? When you look at stats, black Friday and Cyber Monday are days that giant ecommerce players
on the Internet make the mobile sales. Be it Alibaba or Amazon. Yet, on these day, there giants offer crazy deals and discounts on products they sale.

This can also work for your start-up ecommerce store. By offering small discount on a specific products or a minimum expenditure
in return of lower shipping costs. It can just be anything.

You’ll be surprised at how people will go in for a product due to a discount they’ll get in exchange.

7. Collect client feedback

On of the biggest selling points in ecommerce is client reviews or feedback. Positive feedback alone allures other clients to
actually purchase an item. Therefore collecting and sharing your previous client response and feedback is one of the easiest was to drive in more sales on your online store.

If you’re starting out, the easiest way to get feedback from your previous clients is actually to reach out to them via a call
or email and politely request for there honest feedback on products bought from your stock.

8. Provide help and online support

99% of client online would not purchase web hosting services if there is anyone to provide them support when needed. Actually, 70% of clients would not subscribe to a package from a web hosting company if they don’t online all time online support.

This drives us back to the point of feedback and client response, as all this now bundles up to support your clients with
the services you’re providing.

9. Documentation (Create content)

A big number of your clients are certainly looking for blog post, review or explainer video how the product you’re selling
looks, works or feels like. And if they can’t find that content, then why even bother to write you an email?

Creating content that will help your clients understand the product you’re selling will only one help them but also help you
get more conversations and sale more of you products.

10. Client Follow Up

It is known that the best person to sale to is that who has bought from you before. But hey, if you don’t reach out to a
client and follow-up on how your product or service impacted them, how will your get that other sale.

This is where client follow-up comes it. It is a good practice to know from your client how they feel like after that previous
purchase from your store. You can also find out/request if they are in position to recommend it to a friend. Or even, suggest to them an alternative or better/newer product that you have that will bring them faster results.

That’s how your client will end up coming back to your e-store and hopefully buy from you again.

In closing, there an immerse ways to drive more sales to your online store. We hand-picked these that we think can be a quick
start point as us build you ecommerce store bigger and better.

Happy selling, from us all at Cashleo Ltd.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Integrate Your Website With Cashleo

Having installed or plan to install Cashleo on your websites, we know that you have questions. Form experience, the process of choosing service providers to partner with on online payments is sometimes cumbersome. In this blog, we will share with you just a few reasons you should integrate you website with Cashleo payment plugins. NOTE: Cashleo is an online payment processor that enables e-commerce (online store) business owners accept and process payments online. To use Cashleo as an online shop, you should have an Woocommerce enabled website.

1. Start collecting payments

Uganda being a cash based economy, one of the current hindrances of most website owners is how they can start receive instant payments via their websites. The situation is further aggravated by available but not fully compatible payment providers or if not, due to a number of restrictions. On the contrary, Cashleo is here for any e-store owner that wants to start collecting payments. No strings attached. Our dream is to see e-commerce thrive in Uganda and Africa, so we are doing all it takes to be an enabler. If your website is setup and running on the most popular content management system WordPress, only two things are left to do.
  1. Install the Woocommerce plugin, if you’re looking at selling digital or physical products
  2. Install and activate the Cashleo Woocommerce plugin.
Then you start selling. Besides this, if you’re only willing to receiving donations, tips or thumps up, all you need is install our WordPress Cashleo Give plugin, then you’re ready to go.

2. Free and Easy to use

Your business only needs to signup and start using our services. Joining and using our platform is completely free to everyone. In addition to signing up, is an active WordPress website with Woocommerce installed. Being one of the pioneers that wish to be part of Africa’s rising e-commerce industry, we know as enablers that it comes at a cost but we won’t let that be a hindrance to you.

3. Easy Withdraws and Payouts

We make it extremely easy for you to make your collections and at the same time, enable you to have withdrawals in real time. Withdrawing is basically requires you to log into your collections account and transfer you digital money into you mobile money account. You can then pickup from any nearby mobile money agent or you can simply transfer your moneys to your prefer bank account using you mobile money account.

4. Easy Payouts

The payouts feature enables your business to send money to your team and suppliers using their mobile money accounts. All these transactions are instant and immediately reflect in your collections account.

5. Dream of selling and paying paid online, Cashleo is the Answer

If you don’t own a website yet but have dreamt of owning one. Cashleo is definitely a platform you should have in mind that will enable you to get paid online. By simply having a domain name, hosting and a WordPress installation, Cashleo team will readily get you off the ground and set your website up so you can start selling or get paid online.

6. Accept local and global payments

For a while local businesses like social media influencers, freelancers and small business owners have always wanted a simple way to accept local and global payments or getting payments from the diaspora. Cashleo is here to help and enable your request and receive payments. For an influencer or a freelancer, all you need is to have any of your plugins (Cashleo give or Cashleo Woocommerce) to start receiving your payments. The setup takes way less than 25 minutes to make it possible. How can we help you in this regard? Kindly leave a comment below. At Cashleo, we wish you happy selling.

How to Set Up an E-Commerce Website With Woocommerce and Cashleo Pay

This is very brief blog to give you an insight of what you’ll have to do to setup and E commerce website.

The word ecommerce means electronic commerce or trade where monetary transactions are carried out online and provision of products and services is done too.

For example, we have Jumia the leading ecommerce website in Uganda and globally you could have come across names like Amazon or Alibaba. All those names are for companies providing products and services online.

To run an ecommerce website, you don’t need a bank breaking budget. It can also go as low and $100 provided you’re not hiring an expert to fix things for you.

Here is a limited list of what you do:

First, buy a Domain

Your business is most cases will have a name and so does your online presence. The business needs a website or store domain name. This is what we commonly hear as a “www” such as This is the name everyone of your client will use to access your online store, website or e-business. Domain registrar companies such as Namecheap and godaddy provide domain names at a cost.

The price tag for domains is between $10 to over $100 per year depending on the extension. When you register a domain, it is activated and you can start using it in minutes thereafter. Next…

Get Email and Website Hosting

Web hosting is basically the computer space on the Internet where your website will be seated. There are number of both local and international web hosting providers.

The costs of hosting are pretty similar to those for getting a domain. The can range from as low as $2 per month to over $100 per month. It is all based on the server performance, space, RAM, support among others. In Uganda, there are web hosts offering packages at roughly UGX 50,000 per year.

When you have your domain registered, you need hosting so as to point your domain where your website files will be located on the Internet.

Install a Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress

Since you now have a domain for your to be online store / business, hosting space, now its time to build your website and have it hosted with your host (hosting space).

We recommend as you build your website a CMS. Simply, Install WordPress, a content management system we recommend that will enable you to build your website even with ZERO programing knowledge. By install a theme on top of WordPress, you’ll be able to drag and drop elements into your pages and you build your website.

WordPress is pretty easy, fast and secure and brings you endless possibilities. You can literally build any kind of website using this amazing platform. Joining other 33% of the entire websites on the Internet powered by WordPress.

Install the E-Commerce Plugins

Plugins are the thing that make WordPress interesting. By nature, plugins allow you to tap into the very structure of a CMS to implement the needs you have in mind for your business website such as collecting user feedback or having opt-in forms. These are enhancements made possible by use of plugins.

Woocommerce and Cashleo tap into this structure to enhance productivity and business growth. Since you want to sell using your website, installing Woocommerce is most advised. This is the official plugin from WordPress for enable WordPress users convert the websites into e-shop and e-stores. With this installed. You’ll also be able to install Cashleo and take accepting mobile and card payments via your store on the go.

In addition

Other things I have not mention about in this blog but very crucial are WordPress Pages, creating products, writing blog posts, getting a proper permalink structure, securing your website, optimizing your website for mobile, speed and search engines among others.

Happy selling

9 Amazing Possibilities with Cashleo WordPress Plugins

Cashleo is a WordPress payment gateway plugin with unlimited possibilities.

We are here simply to ease online transactions and promote ecommerce in Uganda. With Cashleo WordPress plugins, we make it easy for you to receive, process and make payments both locally and globally.

Easy account opening

We have a very seamless account opening procedure. It takes less than 5 minutes to have a fully operation account with Cashleo where you’re able to start making transaction including collection of payments and withdrawing.

In this blog, we share with you a number of possibilities you can achieve with Cashleo WordPress plugin installed in your website.

1. Sell Anything

With the Cashleo Woo Commerce Plugin, the impossible is made mobile. Right from within your WordPress Woocommerce enabled website, your business can easily create and sale both digital and physical productions.

From selling books, tickets, courses, documents, movies to selling clothes, shoes, food or even cars, Cashleo makes it easy to integrate the payments within you website.

In just five minutes, you’ll be able to start collecting payments for any of the products are selling on your stand. All payments are instant and will available in your collections wallet in seconds.

2. Instant money withdraw

We know that the best enhancer of Ecommerce is the availability of collections (money) to the business operators in real time. In return, the business is able to avail services for your clients in real time too. Cashleo makes an extra effort with our partners to make collected funds available for you instantly. Since our platform settles all payments instantly to you collections account, you’re in position to withdraw all your funds to your preferred mobile money account.

3. Instant money transfers on the go

Have you ever wanted to pay your suppliers and service providers “hustle-free”? Receiving payments is one thing; transferring or moving money is the other. At Cashleo, we have deeply thought about this. And now in no minutes, you’ll be able to transfer funds to other accounts both online and on mobile. All mobile money transfers are instant and with competitive charges.

4. Collect payments from Woocommerce powered stores

Cashleo provides business a way to run as many stores as needed on the platform. The business can operate a number of ecommerce websites and use one or two different collection accounts. This can be modelled basing on the business financial and administrative structure. Suppose you are selling event tickets on one store and on the other you’re selling comfy living room seats. All you need to do open a collections account for any or both the stores and install Cashleo Woocommerce Plugin on both sites. Insert the account code and the rest will be managed for you awaiting reports.

5. Receive donations in real time

In developing this platform, we deeply considered the non-profits that have been side-lined for years. With our Cashleo Give plugin, we have made the impossible possible. Now, non-profits and Charities can easily collect donations with our platforms and in real time. Similarly, they are able to access funds instantly. There is no need for lengthy paper work processing for eligibility. Only one small transactional fee is applied on every received donation. The organization is also able to withdraw all funds to a preferred mobile money account or make payments to its service providers.

6. Make payments to teammates or service providers instantly.

Do you have a team you work with? Say the store manager, Website services provider or that one person who does the packaging, shipping goods to client. With Cashleo, you’re able to make payments to your team instantly directly to their mobile account.

7. Receive instant payments Cashleo

This should have been the first on the list, but here it comes. Cashleo makes it really easy for you to receive payments of any goods or services the business is offering. Once a customer makes a payment at your website / store, this payment or order will be reflected in Woocommerce and in the Cashleo transaction table. And at the same time, the store funds instantly appear in the collections account.

8. Generate instant financial reports

Book keeping has always been a hectic task for number of store managers but helps keep the business healthy. Our reports features brings your a quick easy to use solution. All transactions (payments, collections, pay-outs etc.) are put into a structured/sortable transactions table, you’ll able to trace and determine how your e-store is running and which products are performing better than others. Feel free to check out this in the Woocommerce orders table and the Cashleo transaction table.

9. Monitor your transactions on the go

This is one of the features that stores owners need on mobile. Beside email notifications sent to your business email after a client places an order on your store, you’ll also be able to monitor processing and complete orders with the Woocommerce plugin. Cashleo is fully compatible with Woocommerce and takes advantage of that. Every single transaction reflected in the Cashleo transactions table can be backtracked with a single click to the Woocommerce order.

What feature stands out for you? What feature do you think is missing? How does Cashleo solve your business challenges?

Cashleo – A new seamless and easy Payment Processor

What is Cashleo Payment Processor? What it can do for you, your business or non profit

If you run a startup, an SME, non-profit or you’re a freelancer, you’ve most certainly got thoughts on how to receive payments/funds online from your clients, donors and well-wishers?

Well, this is the exact question Cashleo answers.

Cashleo is a brand new payment processor built just to ease ecommerce not only in Uganda but also Africa. Cashleo was incorporated and launched in January 2019 and prides itself as the next only e-commerce enabler in east and central Africa.

Not like many other payment processors, Cashleo is here to redefine, ease, simplify and enable individuals, businesses and non-profits process payments online.

Cashleo’s system is simple, built from ground up with an end in mind. From collecting payments, processing them and paying out(withdrawing) to making the whole process way easier and simple than any other existing payment processor in east and central Africa.

Among the outstanding features Cashleo brings you are the:

  1. Simple and seamless user experience
  2. 100% FREE registration, installation and activation under 10mins
  3. Easy and instant funds access and withdraw all time, all day (Mobile money)
  4. No annoying paper work (to receive or to withdraw funds)
  5. Easy integration into any WordPress website (Other platforms joining soon)
  6. Very competitive transaction charges
  7. FREE all day support

Cashleo is young but understands the headaches most of the major payment processors bring you and we’re here to fix that. Receiving online payments should never be a hustle for any one.

Receive Payments Instantly

So you’ve been always annoyed with payment processors holding your payments in the name of clearing them.

With Cashleo, forget that. Once a payment is made to you, you’ll receive an instant notification by SMS, email and via your website.

One of the things we believe will make your business go faster is receiving and processing payments faster but we don’t just make them faster, we make them instant.

Get started receiving payments today from your woocommerce enabled website today with Cashleo’s woocommerce plugin.

Receive Donations Instantly

For non-profits, crowdsourcing for funds locally has been a hit on the rock aim. And, none of the available payment processors offered to enable you receive and collect donations from well-wishers and funders online.

Well, at Cashleo, we’ve thought deeply into that and the risks involved. So, we’ve made it that you can easily and instantly process your funds in a seamless manner and can be instantly accessed.

Get started raising funds for your causes, missions and projects today with Cashleo Give WordPress plugin

Make Payment (pay outs) Instantly

After receiving payments into your online account, we deeply thought that it makes much sense to enable you make payments right from within your store dashboard. You may withdraw funds to your mobile, or pay suppliers or even process payment for your teammates.

It all goes back to you on what you want to do with your account funs.

With Cashleo’s pay out WordPress plugin, we enable you not only to access your funds instantly, but also enable you access them instantly and make right use of them.

Build and Scale Big

Cashleo as a payment processor doesn’t limit you on how may websites or stores you can run the plugins. We’ve built these tools to enable you scale big and grow your business.

Feel free to use our any of our tools to process your payments at anytime, anywhere. No strings attached, no hidden contracts, no hidden fees.

Receive Funds from all Mobile and Card Processors

At the moment, Cashleo integrated perfectly with Uganda’s leading mobile money providers ie, Airtel and MTN and you can receive and pay out funds using these services via your website.

In the same manner, we are working and in process of rolling out the players, like Mpesa and other major mobile payment providers.

Cashleo also supports card payments and on a rolling basis, we are releasing our partners Visa and MasterCard and with them, you’ll be able to access and process payments from debit and credit card users right from within your website.

Another exciting feature Cashleo is bringing you is to enable you to seamlessly integrate your store with PayPal and process payments from clients paying you using there PayPal balances. And at the same time, you being able to process and withdraw all payments instantly.

Cashleo Pricing

Mobile Money CollectionUGX2.5%
Mobile Money PayoutUGX1,000
Visa CollectionALL5%

Cashleo is not just a payment processor, but an ecommerce enabler to get your business going.

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