9 Amazing Possibilities with Cashleo WordPress Plugins


Cashleo is a WordPress payment gateway plugin with unlimited possibilities.

We are here simply to ease online transactions and promote ecommerce in Uganda. With Cashleo WordPress plugins, we make it easy for you to receive, process and make payments both locally and globally.

Easy account opening

We have a very seamless account opening procedure. It takes less than 5 minutes to have a fully operation account with Cashleo where you’re able to start making transaction including collection of payments and withdrawing.

In this blog, we share with you a number of possibilities you can achieve with Cashleo WordPress plugin installed in your website.

1. Sell Anything

With the Cashleo Woo Commerce Plugin, the impossible is made mobile. Right from within your WordPress Woocommerce enabled website, your business can easily create and sale both digital and physical productions.

From selling books, tickets, courses, documents, movies to selling clothes, shoes, food or even cars, Cashleo makes it easy to integrate the payments within you website.

In just five minutes, you’ll be able to start collecting payments for any of the products are selling on your stand. All payments are instant and will available in your collections wallet in seconds.

2. Instant money withdraw

We know that the best enhancer of Ecommerce is the availability of collections (money) to the business operators in real time. In return, the business is able to avail services for your clients in real time too. Cashleo makes an extra effort with our partners to make collected funds available for you instantly. Since our platform settles all payments instantly to you collections account, you’re in position to withdraw all your funds to your preferred mobile money account.

3. Instant money transfers on the go

Have you ever wanted to pay your suppliers and service providers “hustle-free”? Receiving payments is one thing; transferring or moving money is the other. At Cashleo, we have deeply thought about this. And now in no minutes, you’ll be able to transfer funds to other accounts both online and on mobile. All mobile money transfers are instant and with competitive charges.

4. Collect payments from Woocommerce powered stores

Cashleo provides business a way to run as many stores as needed on the platform. The business can operate a number of ecommerce websites and use one or two different collection accounts. This can be modelled basing on the business financial and administrative structure. Suppose you are selling event tickets on one store and on the other you’re selling comfy living room seats. All you need to do open a collections account for any or both the stores and install Cashleo Woocommerce Plugin on both sites. Insert the account code and the rest will be managed for you awaiting reports.

5. Receive donations in real time

In developing this platform, we deeply considered the non-profits that have been side-lined for years. With our Cashleo Give plugin, we have made the impossible possible. Now, non-profits and Charities can easily collect donations with our platforms and in real time. Similarly, they are able to access funds instantly. There is no need for lengthy paper work processing for eligibility. Only one small transactional fee is applied on every received donation. The organization is also able to withdraw all funds to a preferred mobile money account or make payments to its service providers.

6. Make payments to teammates or service providers instantly.

Do you have a team you work with? Say the store manager, Website services provider or that one person who does the packaging, shipping goods to client. With Cashleo, you’re able to make payments to your team instantly directly to their mobile account.

7. Receive instant payments Cashleo

This should have been the first on the list, but here it comes. Cashleo makes it really easy for you to receive payments of any goods or services the business is offering. Once a customer makes a payment at your website / store, this payment or order will be reflected in Woocommerce and in the Cashleo transaction table. And at the same time, the store funds instantly appear in the collections account.

8. Generate instant financial reports

Book keeping has always been a hectic task for number of store managers but helps keep the business healthy. Our reports features brings your a quick easy to use solution. All transactions (payments, collections, pay-outs etc.) are put into a structured/sortable transactions table, you’ll able to trace and determine how your e-store is running and which products are performing better than others. Feel free to check out this in the Woocommerce orders table and the Cashleo transaction table.

9. Monitor your transactions on the go

This is one of the features that stores owners need on mobile. Beside email notifications sent to your business email after a client places an order on your store, you’ll also be able to monitor processing and complete orders with the Woocommerce plugin. Cashleo is fully compatible with Woocommerce and takes advantage of that. Every single transaction reflected in the Cashleo transactions table can be backtracked with a single click to the Woocommerce order.

What feature stands out for you? What feature do you think is missing? How does Cashleo solve your business challenges?

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